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Get Your Groove On! Raise Your Vibration

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

It’s impossible to tell how vast this universe is but what we do know is that matter exists and that the universe exists in vibration.  From quickly moving to slower moving particles the world exists in vibration. We also know that matter in the universe is neither created nor destroyed but simply changes form.

So as Yogis where do we fit into this universe of vibrations? We come to realise that we have a part in the changing of vibrations. In Uthita Parsvakonasana when we stretch from the outer edge of the back foot to the hip, from the hip to the armpit, from the armpit to the finger tips we are stretching and lengthening the muscle tissue. We learn that on the physical plane we can change our own matter, we can create a different vibration.

So if on the physical plane we can change our vibrations why not so on the mental and psycho spiritual planes? Well yes we can. Our thoughts are vibrations that we send out to the universe rather like the neurons in the brain spark and send messages to parts of the body to maybe move here or stop there. Your thoughts may be linked to a memory in the past, an idea for the future or simply to stimulate movement in the body. Your thoughts generate a response in the universe hence the saying “be careful what you wish for". Pay attention to your thoughts as the universe is listening. 

Be aware of what responses you get back from your thoughts. I know when I start thinking negatively about something I have to do I tend to get anxious and unable to do whatever it is I need to do! So it’s pretty clear we can apply conscious thought and action to get a favored response. If we look at the bigger picture this actually means we can apply conscious thought and action to create the world we live in. What we give out we will get back. 

So how can we give off good vibrations to attract them back? One way is to go about our day without complaining so we can accept some of the difficulties we encounter. Not complaining is a good way not to attract more of the stuff we complain about! Secondly replace the bad thoughts, the negative nags with positive affirmations and kind words. We can use kind words and positive affirmations to bring us joy and happiness. Our positive thoughts are like signals out to the universe letting it know what makes us happy.

Yogis believe another way to create positive vibrations is by chanting mantras.  Many ancient traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism use mantras (sounds or invocations) as a way of calling out to the universe to be filled with divine grace. Mantras are moving into western mainstream,  we hear them in pop songs, see them written on fridge magnets or see them in school corridors! What we are coming to discover and what the yogis of ancient times discovered long ago is that when we chant a mantra the vibration becomes a reality within our own experience. James Brown “I feel Good” pops into my head and I know for sure that when I hear that song and sing along at the top of my voice dancing around like a loon I really do feel good. I also know that when I chant Om in my practice I feel good, connected and in tune with life.  

To sum up it seems what we put out we get back. Create good vibrations from the inside out, don’t complain, apply conscious thought, think positive, find your mantra or take in your favorite tune. I’ll leave you with this rather famous yoga quote: 

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