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Yoga Chikitsa

The Primary Series in yoga is known as Yoga Chikitsa which means yoga therapy. Yoga practice is a healing process which cleanses the body, mind and senses. In the body we have a network of energy pathways known in yoga terms as nadis. The energy which flows in these channels is known as prana or life force. Granthis or knots can form which stop the optimal free flow of prana through the body's nadis network. We all have knots which come as a result of our life experience. A regular yoga practice will help to unravel and clear the nadis so prana or life force may move freely through us so we feel light, energised and well. As a result of prana flowing optimally around the body the bodymind and senses have a clearer more fertile environment in which to function at their best.

The practice of yoga gives us confidence and trust in life as we develop a deeper understanding and respect for the subtle workings of our being. The postures in the primary series are placed in a special way to help align the body and strengthen the nervous system. The Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga can be a very therapeutic and healing process when practiced consistently. Its healing properties work on the physical, mental and emotional level. We are all "broken" in our own little way from our life experience. Yoga practice helps you shine a light on areas that might need a little more love and attention so that you might start connecting the pieces back together to help you feel a greater sense of harmony and start living life to the full.

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